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Money, Work, and Love

(formerly MORE Services For MOney and RElationships)

Dr. Richard Trachtman, Ph.D.

Richard Trachtman, Ph.D., President

Helping people

  • to understand the psychological aspects of money, their relationship to it, and how it affects their relationships to others and to themselves
  • to enrich their lives by redefining money as a tool for achieving their personal and relationship goals
  • to overcome money related social and emotional problems


And Dr. Trachtman's Answers

This section contains 10 questions sent to Dr. Trachtman by real people, and his replies. The questions reflect a wide range of money and relationships concerns people may have, and the answers Dr. Trachtman gave. His answers were intended to be as carefully thought out as possible, given that he did not have the opportunity to actually meet with these people, or to explore their situations in greater depth. Perhaps in some of these questions you may find your own concerns reflected. And, possibly, you might find Dr. Trachtman's answers helpful.

If you would like to ask a question about how you or a loved one is relating to money or how money is affecting you, or your relationships with others, please feel free to email Dr. Trachtman at richard@richardtrachtman.com using, as the subject line, "Money and Relationships question." Keep in mind, however, that Dr. Trachtman is not a financial advisor and can't advise you on questions having to do with money management or investment.

Question 1

Dear Dr. T.

I have a younger sister who earns four times the money I do at this point in our lives (we are both in our 60's) and we both have the same small but comfortable inheritance which pays us monthly much like an annuity. For all of our lives however, my sister has always, always expected me to give her money. And I used to give her money or my jewelry, furniture, you name it and she was my good friend...as long as I was giving her money in one form or another. I am now at an age where I know this cannot go on. Most recently we both received $100,000 from the trust. My sister came to me and asked for $18,000 of mine to help defray the cost she says of re-financing her house. I finally wrote her and said no, that I did not understand why she would ask me for money, that I was in no position to give it to her and that I had good use for my special distribution. She is now not speaking to me. I am sorry I have taken so long to get to the point, but how going forward do I have a relationship with my sister without sending her money?


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Disclaimer: Richard Trachtman, Ph.D., is a money and relationships life coach, counselor and educator. He is not qualified to give advice on economics, investing or financial planning.

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