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Services To Help You, Your Family, or Your Business

The following services are usually provided through direct, face-to-face contact. In some circumstances consultations, coaching, counseling, and mentoring can be done using telephone or e-mail contact.

  • CONSULTATIONS for individuals, couples and families
    scheduled for those interested in reviewing how they are relating to money and how they can make it a tool for achieving their personal or relationship goals.
    These are related terms, indicating a relationship in which one person (The Coach, Mentor or Counselor ) acts as a guide and provides advice and support for another (The Client) who wants to construct a life plan or to clarify and modify some aspect of his, her or their approach to life and relationships. The process may take the form of a relaxed, open ended discussion or it may focus on achievement of specific goals of the client's choosing. (For example: making a career choice, deciding to marry, parenting, relationship to work and leisure, retirement planning or deciding how to pass on a family business to the next generation.) If may be brief or, if the client wishes to pursue these questions in depth, over and extended period.
    Families, especially those with high net-worth which may be passed on from generation to generation, may want the assistance of a professional trained in the arts of listening, analyzing, synthesizing, and clarifying the desires, goals and objectives of individual family members, as well as reviewing family history and building or reinforcing the value based traditions of the family as a whole. Such services may be carried out in a combination of individual or group interviews and feedback sessions. These services are often first sought by senior family members but can be initiated by any family member who has concerns about issues of family transition and family unity.
    Divorce and Family Mediation is available to couples who are interested in achieving a settlement that is fair and acceptable to all, without spending a lot of money. Whether you are planning a divorce, are separated, or are already divorced but still having conflicts over money, or if money issues are getting in the way of good parenting or your relationship to your children, mediation can help you to stop fighting and begin cooperating.

    LINK: Learn MORE about how Family and Divorce Mediation can help keep money from undermining your relationship to your children or keep you from being a good parent to them.
    can be designed to meet the needs of family meetings or organizations. Past presentations and workshops have been provided to the following groups: high net-worth passengers on a Crystal Cruise between Australia and New Zealand; members of the community for Manhattans Jewish Community Center; The New York Psychoanalytic Institute; The New York State Society of Clinical Social Workers; The Learning Annex; high school students at a Rudolf Steiner school in Columbia County, New York; The Adult Learning Institute in Columbia County, New York; a group of colleagues in private practice in New York City; psychotherapists at The Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services in New York City; and psychotherapists at The Columbia County Mental Health Center in Hudson, New York.

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