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Professional Statement

Ooms Pond Painting I am a social worker with over 55 years of experience as a psychotherapist, couples' counselor, supervisor of psychotherapists and social workers, and an administrator in mental health agencies. In addition to having an M.S.W. and Ph.D. degrees, and having completed advanced training programs in adult and child/adolescent psychotherapy. I have also completed training programs as a hypnotherapist and as a family and divorce mediator, as well as taking courses in cognitive behavioral therapy, solution oriented short-term therapy and family therapy.

In the course of my career I became interested in an area which, in our society, is a taboo subject ignored by most therapist as well as schools of social work, psychology and psychotherapy training institutes; the impact that money, as a psychological force, affecting people's beliefs, behaviors, emotional states and their relationships with each other and themselves. I focused on these issues with many of my patients and developed my own new specialty called Money and Relationships Psychotherapy. To this, I added Money And Relationships Life Coaching, Guidance, Emotional Support and Education. Over time I came to realize that concerns about money and relationships' and problems related to these concerns, do not occur only among those with mental illness. Indeed, almost everyone has, to some extent, these concerns and, for most, coaching, guidance, emotional support and education, rather than psychotherapy' is what is needed.

On May 1, 2017, I decided not to renew my license as a clinical social worker and to focus only on services, which did not require that license: life coaching, guidance, emotional support and education for normal people. I am one of the first to have recognized the need to address these kinds of concerns for individuals who don't need psychotherapy and consider myself an expert in this form of practice. To read about the kinds of non-psychiatric concerns people bring to me, and how I respond the these concerns, I invite you to read the questions and answers posted in the "Money and Relationships Q & A" section on the home page.

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